Dimmable Window Film – How to Make Your Window Private at Night

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Everything That You Need To Know About Privacy Window Films Everyone wants to feel comfortable and safe in their house after a long tiring day. Nothing will scare you more than someone peeping through your window at night time. So, do you want to achieve maximum privacy in your house? You can now do this

Why smart glass front door are the Perfect Solution for Your Home Privacy 

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How does Smart Glass Front Door Protect Your Home Privacy? Front glass doors are a substitute for conventional wooden external doors that we usually see on most homes. Being the focal point of a home's exterior, the homeowners use them in the architectural feature in their homes. Entry doors with clear glass insertions are striking

How to stick the Adhesive privacy film?

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A practical guide for the maintenance of self-adhesive window film   In modern society, people pay more attention to the protection of privacy. Compared with more transparent glass, people will stick it with Adhesive privacy film to protect privacy. At the same time, there is an advantage that the glass can be protected. Of course, there

How to apply Adhesive Privacy film on your own?

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Adhesive Privacy Film: What, How, When and Where Adhesive privacy film comes in a wide range of variety. Therefore, you can choose one that suits your needs to perfection. The great thing about these films is that they are not only cost-effective but also durable. Their popularity is due to their high-performance. Adhesive privacy window

What are the top benefits of Smart Glass Products in 2020

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The Top Five Benefits of Smart Glass Products As technology prevails, the demand for smart glass products has increased drastically. More and more people are becoming inclined towards the idea of incorporating switchable smart glass into their offices, homes, and other places. Modern smart glasses cater to a number of applications. They are bound to

Smart Glass VIP Offers Smart PDLC Films for All Kind of Applications

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Shenzhen, China: ShenZhen Yuguang New Material Co., Ltd. is offering an extensive range of PDLC switchable films for residential or commercial spaces. The installation of smart PDLC films can be used in healthcare, household, and automobile industry for blocking UV rays. ShenZhen Yuguang New Material Co.,Ltd. is a china-based PDLC film and smart glass manufacturer

What are the Installation Steps for Switchable PDLC Film?

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Switchable PDLC film and smart glass are an unstoppable revolution in the glass industry, and the use of architects, homeowners, and builders is constantly escalating. They enjoy the benefits of privacy, security, energy-saving, and ease of installation. Just by using the remote control, the switchable glass film changes from transparent to opaque. Procedures to Installation